Who we are?

Cinar Food Production is an important supplier in the Romanian market for anyone who owns or wants to start a business in the FOOD sector.
We are constantly interested in identifying the needs of consumers and trying to adapt to market changes, while maintaining the quality of our products.


Cinar Food intends to improve the kebab market by setting high expectations from customers, with a focus on meeting the most demanding requirements.


Our priority at Cinar is to ensure continuous quality, relying on our long-term strategic partnerships.
At the same time, we are constantly interested in the fulfillment and perfection of our colleagues, who contribute daily to the development of the entire business.
Our attention is also directed towards the environment. We are grateful for what we have and we want to continue, so we try to take into account the environmental impact of every action we undertake.


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Innovative production and sales processes

We have innovative production and sales processes focused on customer requirements, and our priority is to ensure continuous quality and maintain the development of the group through long-term strategic relationships with all our partners.

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