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Çınar Food Distribution, as a part of ÇINAR Food Group, was founded in 2014 and distributes all over Romania. We have cold storage depots in the important centres of Romania like: Timişoara, Braşov, Cluj, Iaşi, Bucureşti- Ilfov, Galaţi and Constanţa. The distribution is made in its own regime with refrigerated cars and trained personnel. The main objective of our Company is to distribute the highest quality products to the Fast-Foods and Restaurants (HoReCa). The main product we distribute is Shaorma, produced by Çınar Food Production.


We export our Döner Kebab variations to all of Europe effectively.

Some of the countries that we export are France, Spain, Austria, Greece, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria.

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Our Warehouses in Romania

Nationwide distribution is made from the 7 warehouses strategically placed to ensure that our products reach anywhere in the country.

Bucureşti – Constanța: 0756 159 909

Iaşi – Timişoara – Braşov: 0756 715 795

Cluj: 0758 258 288

Galați: 0758 258 736