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ÇINAR Food Production is the biggest Döner Kebab producer in Romania

Since 2008, as Çınar Food team, we have been working together with our 420 colleagues to ensure that the European community has a healthier, hygienic and delicious meal. The most important factor that motivates us is the joy and happiness of an average of 35 million people annually who taste and enjoy our products. We are not inspired by statistics and figures, but we are inspired by what a mother feels when she buys döner for her kids or by a couple’s food choice on their first date. To achieve this, we purchase top quality meat and spices for our production process which meets the highest European standards of hygiene and efficiency. Taking a whole-team approach, we are working to increase the customer potential and profitability of our partner döner restaurants and to uplift the döner market. We want to reinforce our claim that döner is the healthiest fast food product by creating awareness with the products we offer, the suggestions and consultancy we provide to thousands of döner restaurant owners in the döner market. Is there really a healthier fast food product than a seasoned grilled meat, fresh salad, and a little bit of sauce?


CINAR Food Production aims to expand the doner market through creating sustainable highest value to its own customers. By the help of its customer-centered strategies and plans, CINAR Food Production meets all the requirements and expectations of its clients.


ÇINAR Food Production is producing chicken and beef products, at its modern facilities under the international food standards. We do have innovative producing and sales processes which is focused over customers’ requests.

The biggest priority of CINAR Food Production is continuing its quality assurance. Thanks to its long-term strategic partners, CINAR Food Production is expanding its capacities and mutual benefit every year.

ÇINAR Food Production also does care our colleagues’ happiness, devotion and perfection. Owing to this synergy inside the company, ÇINAR Food Production had involved as an environment friendly company which pays attention to its social responsibilities..